Thank you for your participation! we hope to see you next year in our second Cryptocurrency Conference – Law and Regulation, to be held on April 11th, 2019.                                                        

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Alon Muroch-Legal challenges for an ICO graduate

Andrea Gritsch-ICOs & token sales on the blockchain - how European lawmakers and regulators treat them

Assaf Leshem-A global overview of taxation on cryptocurrencies

Benny Yona-The position of the Israeli tax authorities regarding cryptocurrencies in general and ICO's in particular

Chris Whittaker-Cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument and global regulatory responses

Dr Dana Heller-Challenges in regulating unbundled financial services in a distributed ecosystem

Eyal Nachum-Integration of crypto players into the banking undustry

Frederic Rochat-ICO regulations and constraints in Switzerland

Masakazu Masujima (Mori Hamada & Matsumoto)-Japans Virtual Currency Regulation and its Recent Developments

Nitzan Shilon-Various regulatory approaches on the different types of tokens

Ohad Phillip-Practical challenges in the post-ICO stage

Shaul Zioni-Litigation trends in cryptocurrency  

Stephen Rutenberg-How to execute a compliant ICO in the USTomer Ravid-Crypto tax assurance from a practical perspective

Tomer Ravid-Crypto tax assurance from a practical perspective

Yael Neeman Ben Ari-AML and Self-regulation as a tool for crypto companies and banks to facilitate their work interaction

Zachary Nusbaum-Current issues faced by governments


The presentations are not intended to be any legal or financial counseling and merely provide general aspects for the issue presented. No responsibility shall be taken on any reliance upon the said in the presentations.



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